DyverCity Entertainment LLC is a record label founded by CEO and artist K-$TARS, but it’s much more than a label. It’s a brand and movement whose goal are to influence people to accept the uniqueness in all people. Our brand is about one love, one human family and doing our part in promoting world peace by bringing people from all walks of life together by using something we all have in common, the most powerful art form that exists, music. With this beautiful tool we can reach different races, backgrounds, young, old, poor and rich alike. The artist’s we promote are going to range from hip hop, alternative rap, rock, pop and many other genre's. We believe by making such a diverse style of music, We’re doing our part in getting people who don’t generally understand each other an opportunity to connect and do so. With more understanding of one another comes more peace and minus entertaining, that's DyverCity Entertainment's ultimate goal.